My Favorite Spots in Dublin, Ireland

In June, I will be returning to Dublin, Ireland. It’s a city I’ve been to multiple times now, the first being when I was eight years old, and the last being in December of 2017. This time I won’t be going alone, in fact most of my immediate family will be with me, so I’ve been busy trying to think of things for us to do in/near the city while we’re there. We’ll of course be hitting the normal tourist spots: Guinness, Molly Malone, St. Patrick’s. But, there a few spots I’ll be plotting our path around just because they make me happy:

Phoenix Park

It’s impossible not to love Phoenix Park. It’s a sprawling park in the Western quadrant of Dublin, full of dog walkers, gardens, and stunning monuments. Every time I’m in the city I try to walk to the park at least once. It’s a bit of a hike from where I normally stay (near O’Connell Bridge), but the walk is always worth it. I’ve done everything from drink cider while watching ducks play in the pond, to doing cartwheels in front of the spiraling monuments. Phoenix Park brings out my inner kid who used to spend her days rolling around in grass.

Bri and her friend chelsea walking in Phoenix park, with one of the ponds in the background.
My friend Chelsea and I in Phoenix Park, 2015.

Spot between the trees in St.Stephen’s Green

During my friend, Catherine and I’s last day in Dublin back in 2015, Catherine ended up getting slightly drunk in The Brazen Head while I shopped for souvenirs. After I found her in the pub, I convinced her to walk to St.Stephen’s Green with me one last time. We’d be leaving Dublin in the morning, and I was feeling sort of lost. I didn’t want to leave, but there was nothing keeping me in Ireland. I’d spent the previous 5 months living and studying in Rome, and I couldn’t believe my time in Europe was up.

Catherine ended up lying down and taking a nice little nap in an open space between a group of trees while I wandered the park. When I returned to find Catherine napping in the shade, it just made me laugh and laugh. It was just one of those moments where you sit there and realize, yes, this is good, everything is good.

When I’m in Dublin, and I have time, I like to go back to that spot and just think about what’s come to pass since that moment between the trees.

Bri's friend Catherine napping on a patch of green grass, a tree near her. There are people walking in the park in the left hand side of the picture.
Catherine Sleeping in St.Stephen’s Green ❤

The Lord Edward Pub across from Christchurch

I rang in the New Year for 2017 in this pub. While it is near Temple Bar, it was nowhere near as crazy as the other bars in Dublin. I’d planned on just drinking Bulmers and listening to my sad playlist until the Christchurch bells rang, but a couple hilarious, older Irish men welcomed me into their group for the night. They forced me out of my shell, and I had an amazing time listening to their stories and celebrating the beginning of 2017 with them.

I like to go back to the pub whenever I ca and buy a pint or two in honor of my New Years company.

Cake Cafe

The Cake Cafe is a small bakery and cafe behind a stationary store in the heart of Dublin–the real heart, the one that most tourists don’t venture far enough away from the Liffey to find. Catherine and I went here for my 20th birthday and it was wonderful to sit in the small patio and drink tea. It’s a bit of a walk from the city centre, but the cake and atmosphere is well worth it.

Oscar Wilde Statue

I’ve written about my love for Oscar Wilde already on this blog, so it’s no surprise one of my favorite spots in Dublin is Oscar’s statue in Merrion Square Park. I always try and go have a quick chat with Oscar while I’m in the city. He’s always got something to say, and I don’t mind listening.

Been to Dublin? What are your favorite parts of the city? Where would you go with your family if you were in the city?

Expect a lot of Ireland content for the next few weeks on the blog, as I’ve got her on the mind. If you have any requests on what you want to read about, let me know in the comments below or on twitter.

Thanks for Reading!

13 Comments on “My Favorite Spots in Dublin, Ireland

  1. My absolute favorites were Trinity College Library and the Charles Beatty Library. Yes I am a book nerd but aside from that they are beautiful spaces on their own.

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    • Nothing wrong with books! If you’re into specifically The history of Irish Literature I really enjoyed the Dublin Writers museum. You have to pay to get in, but I really enjoyed it (if you ever make your way back to Dublin) 😊


    • Glad I could help! I love Dublin, though I’m finding each time I return I’m drawn more and more to county Cavan or Wicklow.


  2. Hey i’m visiting Dublin on Saturday for the first time since 2014! My friend has never been before. We walk a lot so are open to hiking and wandering anywhere worth seeing. Would you recommend anything in particular for his first time there? Not sure if there is a good viewpoint of the city or anything 🙂 Also good read and I like your blog!

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    • Congrats on making it back to Dublin! If you’re looking for good nature walks/hikes near the city you can take the commuter train to either Howth or Bray. But if you just want to wander the city I always love exploring all the public parks. Phoenix Park is the biggest, but St.Stephen’s Green is one of my favorites. You can also do a day trip to Wicklow/Glendalough (either through just a bus to Glendalough or a guided hike through one of the many tour companies). Hope this helps! Have a great time!

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