About The Author

Hiya! I’m Bri Ollre, a 26 year old software engineer with a Master’s in Creative Writing. So, basically, I spend all day working on the computer, just to come home and continue writing on it. 

When I’m not traveling or writing about traveling, I’m reviewing books/movies/television shows–basically anything that is nerdy, I’m likely to write about here on this fun-cluster of a blog.

You can read my recently published poetry, essays, and fiction through the links on my website www.briollre.com.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Quick Bio

Basics:  Author; Software Engineer; Dual Citizen of Ireland; No longer Terrified of Butterflies.

Currently in: Dallas, Texas

Where I’ve traveled: Ireland, Scotland, England, Iceland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Canada, and all over the United States.

Dream Destinations: Poland, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Chile, New Zealand, Antarctica, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Norway and many more.

If you want to know more about me, follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!


36 Comments on “About The Author

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  2. Hi there Bri,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the Blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed you visit and look forward to seeing more from you.
    Have a great day, 

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    • Wow, Canada to Spain, what a move! Glad to meet another short-girl-traveler. Thoroughly enjoy your travel posts, Darlene. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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    • Glad to meet you too:) Ireland is my favorite place to visit, but I’m a bit biased. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


  3. Thank you so much for your support on my blog I have just started, it is still a bit nerve wracking but it’s about time I dipped my toes in. Your blog is truly amazing and I wish you the best!!!

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    • You’re welcome! And thank you for the kind words about my blog. I feel like it’s my baby sometimes, and I’m really proud of it 🙂 it’s still all a bit nerve wracking for me too, but the more you post the more comfortable you get with everything!

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  4. Nice blog, thanks for sharing your world with us and giving me even more inspiration to do the same. I also love to travel and will keep a keen eye on yours. I look forward to keeping up with ya!

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    • Hi Dave, thanks for the kind words! Travel is one of the great loves of my life, and I hope to keep documenting it here for years to come. Cheers for visiting:)

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    • Decided on Dallas because of a job offer. I grew up near Houston so it wasn’t too big of a move. As for travel in the U.S. I’ve been to Florida quite a few times, driven through much of the southern states. I’ve also visited New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Nevada. Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Hawaii. I haven’t done as much travel within the U.S. lately but I’m hoping to change that this year. Thanks for following 🙂


  6. Welcome to my blog and – thanks for the grin of the year:
    WARNING: If you ideed are terrified of butterflies, my blog may look like a minefield out of Vietnam 🙂 as I’m very into macro photography – especially through summer. And the butterfles has somehow learned that I’m not that dangerous, more a part of nature and they are willingly posing in front of my camera. One was actually landing on my glasses whilst I was wearing them! No picture of that, of course! But – you will find a lot of macro shots from butterflies, spiders, different flies and other insects that wished to play a part in this macro world of ours.
    Nearly 8000 pictures await you, nearly all in ‘full screen’! Please enjoy!


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