What I listen to While Writing.

I’m a huge fan of movie, and television scores- partially because I’ve played the clarinet for about 9 years, and partially because they harbor some of the most thought provoking melodies I’ve ever heard. Below are a just a few of the soundtracks I enjoy listening to when I need some background music. (They also tend to be some of my favourite movies/shows to watch). Read More

Friday Fantastic Flash with Bri Ollre and Jane Dougherty

Picked the perfect place to finally post some of my writing. Thank you so much, Ali!

Source: Friday Fantastic Flash with Bri Ollre and Jane Dougherty

How Oscar Wilde saved my Life.


I’d like to say that his statue came to life, and carried me to safety after nearly drowning in a pond- but it’s much simpler, and far less fanciful, than that. Oscar Wilde’s words, whether they were the fairy tales that seemed strangely familiar, or the poetry that cut deeper than any knife could, they managed to change my whole way of thinking. Read More

The Five Stages of Grief After Studying Abroad.

There’s nothing more sobering than returning to reality after living in a different part of the world. Especially if your reality is anything like the dry, desolate, city of Lubbock, Texas. Listed below are the five stages of grief college students go through after returning from a semester abroad. Read More

I Love Scotland.

You know what I love most about Scotland? The fact that I can actually see myself living here. Read More