Bri’s Six Tips To Having An ‘OKAY’ Time Abroad.

Normally, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to talking about feelings. But, I think it’s good to show being abroad isn’t all sunshine and pub crawls. It’s an extremely emotional experience, and if you have any issues when you leave, they don’t just magically disappear on arrival. So, here are some tips I think could help make your time abroad just a tad bit easier. Read More

Follow the Lights.

The best thing about being in a major city is that during the night if you get bored, or can’t sleep, you can just wander. I wouldn’t recommend strolling by yourself at 11pm, but going to find things when the city is quiet may be one of the best ways to experience it all; especially in Rome, there are just so many hidden gems to stumble upon. Read More

First Week: January 9th through 14th

Rome is beautiful. I’m not entirely sure what I expected Roman centurions everywhere, but I am blown away by how spectacular everything is. The city is an interesting take on both old and new. You turn a corner and BAM ruins, or a gelateria. Either way, you can experience it all without having to go too far.

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To Rome and the Unexpected.

If you had asked me yesterday about how excited I was to be living, and studying, in Rome for four months, I would have told you what you wanted to hear; that I’m excited and can’t wait to eat my body weight in gelato. In reality I was really thinking something like this:

I’m terrified and I want to punch myself in the face.

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