How to Survive a Family Vacation When You’re the Designated Tour Guide

In every family vacation there are three types of individuals:

1. The Planners

2. The Followers

3. The Kids

For the longest time, I was lucky enough to be in the kid group throughout most of our family vacations. I had no worries other than making sure not to annoy the adults (or my older brother) too much. Now, as an experienced traveler and adult myself, I have been forced into the most stressful of the three categories: The Planner. Read More

How to follow my Adventures in Ireland

Hello internet friends and strangers. It’s been a bit quiet lately on my front. That’s because I’m currently in Ireland! And have been since June 9th.

So far I’ve pal’d around Dublin, Tara, Bailieborough before making my way down to Cork.

So, if you’d like to see what all I’ve done so far and continue to follow me through the rest of my trip make sure to follow me on Instagram @LittleSliceofBri.

I post everyday and always make sure to update my stories so you can see what I see:)

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for Reading!

Bri’s Guide to Public Transportation in Dublin, Ireland

My next trip to Ireland is looming ever closer with each passing day. While I’ve been to Dublin (specifically) over 5 times now, the family that’s traveling with me on this trip either have never been to Ireland, or the last time they visited was in 2004. As that is so, and I can’t be there to help every step of the way, I’ve created the following guide regarding public transportation in Dublin to help anyone who is new to the area and trying to understand how to use the different modes of transportation available within the city. Read More

Book Review: “Leia: Princess of Alderaan”

Even though she’s no longer physically with us, Carrie Fisher is one of my heroes. It’s her portrayal and stewardship for Leia Organa that has kept me in love with the world’s beloved Space Princess since the first time I watched A New Hope as a wee female nerd. There’s nothing I don’t love about Leia. She’s stubborn, witty, brilliant under pressure, and one of my favorite female characters ever written.

Leia: Princess of Alderaan takes everything I love about Leia and expands on it. Read More

The Best and Worst Castles I’ve Visited in Ireland

There are hundreds of castles in Ireland. Not every one is amazing–it’s just not plausible. Some castles are more tourist traps than anything else, while others are so new looking that they don’t hold any of that haunting quality that commands crowds to their iron-wrought doors. Read More