The Big Move (Texas to Ireland)

Well. It’s finally happening. As of this coming Friday (August 23, 2019), I will be leaving the USA to start a master’s degree in creative writing at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland.

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My Least Favorite City in Europe


The city of my nightmares. Well–night terrors might be a better way to explain it.

The first and only time I ever visited Berlin, Germany was one of the worst nights of my life–and it all occurred in my head.

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Discovering Ancient Ireland: Newgrange

There is not much in this world that I love more than ancient myths and legends. My obsession started in 7th grade, when my English teacher assigned us to read Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton, and to dress/act as our chosen Greek God/Goddess for a sort of Greek Pantheon Party (I chose Artemis, and spent all of the party shooting foam arrows from my bow, and sneering at the girl who’d chosen Hera–I’m not sure if it was just me playing true to my character, or the fact that I genuinely disliked this girl).

From Greek Mythology I moved swiftly towards the myths and legends of my own ancestry: Ireland.

Newgrange is one of the most famous ancient sites in Ireland. Nearly 200,000+ people visit the passage tomb every year–some of the highest number of visits happen around the Winter Solstice, when the sun aligns with the narrow passage way and illuminates the tomb. Read More

How to Survive a Family Vacation When You’re the Designated Tour Guide

In every family vacation there are three types of individuals:

1. The Planners

2. The Followers

3. The Kids

For the longest time, I was lucky enough to be in the kid group throughout most of our family vacations. I had no worries other than making sure not to annoy the adults (or my older brother) too much. Now, as an experienced traveler and adult myself, I have been forced into the most stressful of the three categories: The Planner. Read More

How to follow my Adventures in Ireland

Hello internet friends and strangers. It’s been a bit quiet lately on my front. That’s because I’m currently in Ireland! And have been since June 9th.

So far I’ve pal’d around Dublin, Tara, Bailieborough before making my way down to Cork.

So, if you’d like to see what all I’ve done so far and continue to follow me through the rest of my trip make sure to follow me on Instagram @LittleSliceofBri.

I post everyday and always make sure to update my stories so you can see what I see:)

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for Reading!