The Best Books to Travel With

The Three Great Loves of my life are: Reading, Traveling, and Sleeping. When it comes to traveling, one of my favorite parts is sitting on trains and reading while the world passes by. Sometimes, I’d rather have an eight hour train ride with beautiful scenery and a good book than visit yet another Cathedral lined city. It’s something about the gentle rocking of a train, and the thrall of a good, or sometimes absolutely hilariously-awful, book that keeps me sane in a new country.

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A Nerd’s Guide to Travel

The reasons why people travel are endless. Some just want to get away for the weekend, others are trying to escape their past, and some are just following the footsteps of their favorite movies/books/television shows. I try to not let it influence every trip, but I’ve definitely visited a few select locations just because of my nerdier sensibilities. Read More

The Sun Hates Me

A background of a sunset with the title of the blogpost “The Sun Hates Me” blocking the sun.

I know how I’m going to die. It’s pretty simple: the sun is going to burn into my skin and destroy me from the inside out.  Read More

To Recline The Seat, or To Not Recline The Seat

I’ve been on quite a few plane rides in my life (humble brag) and only on a handful have I ever felt the need to recline my seat. Most often it was because the person in front of me reclined theirs and created a sort of domino effect behind them. I understand everyone seated in coach/economy class on planes is uncomfortable. But what is the answer to the dreaded question: Should you recline your seat on an airplane? Read More

My Favorite Trip of 2017

2017 was the year of travel for me. Back in January I was in Ireland for three weeks with my friend Catherine (as well as Amsterdam for a day or two). In April, I went to Vancouver, Canada for my birthday. In August, I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with family and then in December I visited Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy with my friend Sheila. Out of it all, What was my favorite place?


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