Movies That Inspired Me to Travel

Film is a powerful tool for inspiring creativity, and for me it goes a step further. It’s because of certain movies that I want to explore the world. To see new lands, and go on adventures like those the characters in the movies experienced. My go-to movies for travel inspiration are: Read More

Help: Zurich Recommendations Needed

Hey friends, and internet strangers, I’m heading off to Europe in a couple of weeks and was hoping some of you may have some interesting/fun recommendations for Zurich, Switzerland! I’ve been to Interlaken and Jenins, Switzerland before, but my friend Sheila and I will be spending three days in Zurich in December and while I know all the Christmas Markets we’re going to go to, I was wondering if any of you might have recommendations for restaurants, activities, or tours that we can visit while we’re in the city! Read More

The most wonderful time of the year

Persephone has left her mother, and is making her way back to the throne that awaits her in Hades. Winter is clawing her way across the Northern Hemisphere. The humidity I’ve become so used to is slowly, oh so slowly, transforming into biting wind. Ladies and Gents, Friends and Strangers, the cold days are here.

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I Hate Paris

My name is Bri and I hate Paris, France. Read More

How To Plan a Trip With Friends

Wanna go somewhere with your friends? Unsure as to how to go about planning a trip with them? Well, lucky for you I’ve gone on quite a few trips with friends so I thought I’d help out some of my favorite internet strangers. Read More