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I Hate Paris

It’s time you knew the truth.

Ireland Then and Now

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and it got me bad. A couple months ago I was going through my mom’s hard drive with all the family pictures on it, and stumbled across a folder full of scanned pictures taken of my maternal grandparents– from… Continue Reading “Ireland Then and Now”

Catching a Cold in Amsterdam

A picture of one of Amsterdam's Canals with the title of the blog post overlaying it: "Catching a cold in Amsterda."

Delirium, Stroopwafels, and Van Gogh.

The Best Ancient Ruins In Italy

Thanks to the ingenuity of the Etruscans, Greeks, and later the Romans themselves, there are plenty of Ancient Ruins to explore in Italy. The best–in my not so humble opinion– is the town of Ostia Antica. 

Malahide Castle, Ireland

I love visiting castles. The last time I traveled to Scotland, I walked for over an hour and a half around Loch Ness to Urquart castle, and then the next day took a two hour bus ride out to Eilean Donan Castle. So, when… Continue Reading “Malahide Castle, Ireland”