Happy National Cat Day!

National Cat Day was founded in 2005 by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate- Colleen Paige. The purpose of the yearly event is to bring awareness to the basic needs of our feline friends, from adoption, to spaying/neutering, to remembering that cats aren’t just things you buy your kids- but living, breathing animals that deserve our care and respect.

Celebrating cats might be what I was born to do, and so with that in mind, I would like to share a few of my favourite pictures of my two cats, Kristy and Artemis.

Kristy is my grumpy, little old lady that my parents adopted, over 15 yeas ago, because I would not shut up about wanting a cat. She’s my oldest friend, and the most beautiful cat on the planet. She enjoys curling up in my lap while I watch tv, and running around outside on our porch.IMG_2978 IMG_3393 IMG_4175 IMG_4582

Artemis is a flame-point Siamese mix I adopted over a year ago, because I couldn’t handle not having a cat with me in college. He is a drama queen, who enjoys screaming at me to get my attention, and playing in my bathtub (mainly because he’s a bit too big to fit in my sink anymore).20150824_150232 20151008_195219


Something that I think is also important to bring to light on this day is the fate of our world’s tigers. Every since I was a little girl I’ve been enamored with cats of all kinds, but the one’s I hold most dear are tigers. Currently, tigers are still on the endangered species list, with only about 3200 left in the world. Over the centuries they have suffered devastating losses due to poaching, and over-expanding human populations. It would be a tragedy if we left our pride cause another innocent species to go extinct.

Below are some links pertaining to National Cat Day:
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