I Hate Summer

I am too pale to be a Summer gal. I don’t like beach vacations. Anytime I go outside I have to lather in sunscreen. My electricity bill is almost twice what it normally is. Wearing clothing at all while outside is a punishment, and while the idea of sitting beneath an umbrella reading by the sea does intrigue me, it’s always too hot. That’s the real problem with Summer it’s too Damn Hot.

I grew up in Kemah, Texas, a small seaside town on the Gulf Coast of the United States. During the Summer the norm temperature is around 96 degrees and up. In August going outside during the day means braving a sun that laughs at your attempt to enjoy the outdoors. The moment you step outside every good feeling inside your body melts with your skin. Heat, pure humidity, seeps into your bones. Everything feels wrong, bad, disgusting.

Summer is also the worst because I have a black car, which means getting into it is like diving straight into an erupting volcano. My thighs not only burn on the black leather seats, but after they cool to normal temperatures my skin then sticks to the leather, and when I get up its like ripping a band aid off of sunburned legs–I swear sometimes I hear my skin scream as I fumble out of my car. I despise Summer, it’s my least favorite part of the year, and living in Texas that means I hate being alive for about 7/12 months, because here Summer almost NEVER ENDS.

My arch-nemeses thrive during Summer. June Bugs. Fire Ants. Spiders. The nasty, little creatures that love making my life pure Hell. I have to avoid patios, and front doors during the summer because that’s where the June Bugs hang out, and for some reason anytime I come near them they take off and go straight for my hair; which doesn’t seem terrifying but then, after they reach my hair, THEY GET STUCK IN IT. My hatred for fire ants and spiders simply stem from how horrible their bites are. I once climbed a sand hill, which turned out to be a massive fire ant hill, and in the end had to be hosed down by my father–clothes still on–to get them all off me.

I was not born to live near the Equator. My pale skin is too weak to survive here. One day I will move North, anywhere North, and will then complain about the harshness of winter, but for now, I will sit near a fan and nurse the sunburn I’ve already suffered this year. Someone come let me out of my apartment when Fall arrives.

Happy July everyone! Have any Summer horror stories? Or perhaps you love Summer and would like to trade places with me? Let me know in the comments down below:)

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10 Comments on “I Hate Summer

  1. I live in Northern Louisiana, moving only recently from outside of Portland, Oregon. You would love living in Oregon! The weather would suit you perfectly! As for myself, I don’t mind the humidity and heat. I do find it annoying at times, but I would prefer hot and humid over cold any day.

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    • Wow, that’s a big move! I would looooove living somewhere up North West, I hear it’s cloudy and rainy and that just sounds perfect. I’m glad someone enjoys the humidity! My family is the same way– they’d rather be hot than cold any day. But that sounds like torture to me πŸ˜‚


  2. I’m not a beach person either, and sunscreen makes me itch. I live in USA New Mexico, which sounds hot, but I’m in the mountains on a breezy ridgetop, so not bad. Besides, wind keeps the bugs away! But I’ve never found a way to protect my token tomato plant from the critters.
    BTW – my cat thinks I’m a terrible nap-taker. No sooner is he properly settled against me and I’m ready to get up.

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    • I’ve driven through New Mexico a few times. Stopped in Roswell (of course) and it was just so pretty. I can’t wait to one day live in the mountains (and avoid some of the bugs).
      My cat also thinks I’m a terrible napper, but that’s because he thinks napping means sleeping 24/7. Silly cats don’t understand.


    • Ruth, I completely agree! Visited Scotland twice and have loved it both times– it might honestly be my favorite place I’ve ever been. Trying to make it back next April.


  3. Oh girl! I can’t relate to the sunburn, but I traveled to Ghana, West Africa for a month a few years back…in the summer I might add and IT WAS HOT! I’m learning to have a deeper love for Summer, even though it sometimes turns me olive, and attacks me with mosquito bites (I’m allergic)! Either way, I must express my admiration for your poem above. “I HATE SUMMER” is right out of a winning literature journal. If you can’t win with the sun, at least get some credit for this heat right here. lol Keep expressing yourself on the page, thats the best writing no matter the weather πŸ™‚

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    • I feel for you with the mosquitos! They are the WORST. Evil little buggers. Thank you so much for your kind words:) I’m trying to add more to this blog than just regular travel posts and book reviews. Give a little bit of myself to the internet through he written word. So glad you enjoyed it:) your comment made my day!


  4. I am not a summer person either. I was born in Fl and now live in North Georgia. I love the mountains and the cool air. I am pale and can’t stay out in the sun for any length of time. I am very faithful to my sunscreen.

    I love this post as I can relate! Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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