Help: Zurich Recommendations Needed

Hey friends, and internet strangers, I’m heading off to Europe in a couple of weeks and was hoping some of you may have some interesting/fun recommendations for Zurich, Switzerland! I’ve been to Interlaken and Jenins, Switzerland before, but my friend Sheila and I will be spending three days in Zurich in December and while I know all the Christmas Markets we’re going to go to, I was wondering if any of you might have recommendations for restaurants, activities, or tours that we can visit while we’re in the city!

I’m hoping to make this a sort of forum where people can list their favorite/least favorite parts of the city. So, if you have places I shouldn’t go, please also list them below.

Feel free to also link to your own blog posts in the comments below if you have any on Zurich or Switzerland in general.

Thanks For Reading!

2 Comments on “Help: Zurich Recommendations Needed

  1. Oh! So cool you are headed my way! Zürich’s Christmas Market is a must to visit! I would suggest you just to walk around the old town and lake-side promenade and just enjoy the beauty of the town. If you would like to do a guided tour, I would suggest Free Walk Zurich. Their tours are fun and interesting. Zürich Zoo is great place to visit. FIFA museum and National Museum Zürich are great places to escape the cold. Going up to Züri’s home-mountain supposed to be great too.
    Considering you have three days in Zürich, I would suggest you to head out of Zürich for a day trip. Bern and Lucerne are both an hour train ride away. You can also head to the mountains for some winter fun – like sledding or skiing.
    You can check my blog for some suggestions on what to do in Switzerland. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I would be happy to help!


    • Oh gosh, thank you thank you! I’ll definitely take a look at your other posts. We’ve been trying to decide on a day trip and I think Bern is going to be the place we go. Thank you so much for the suggestions 😊

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