First Month Update

So far everything is going pretty well. There have been a few hiccups here and there -nothing I can’t handle.

Roman city-center.


This semester I’m taking marketing, management, international economics, and an on-site art history class; covering just about every subject in my four months here. I absolutely adore all of my professors. It’s a breath of fresh air to be in lectures where American policies and companies aren’t the main focus.

Art History has been absolutely fantastic. The past four weeks I’ve learnt so much that I’m thinking about giving my own tours around Rome. All of the small things, like imbedded columns and glanced over ruins, are starting to pop out as I wander the streets. It’s as if a whole new world has blossomed before my eyes.


The City:

What can I say about Rome that hasn’t already been said? I mean it’s an eternal wonderland. There’s so much to do, and explore, that most days I just stroll up and down the cobbled streets. The Italian culture is one I can really get behind, afternoon break from 1-4pm, followed by an evening walk and late dinner; yes please.

So far my favorite spots are:

Temple of Diana.
Temple of Diana.

Villa Borghese

I’ve spent quite a few afternoons sprawled out on one of the numerous grassy areas reading, or studying. It’s a bit of walk, but so worth it. I’d like to live here. Eventually I’ll get around to writing a massive post about it all.


Foro Romano

When I’m bored I love walking around the ruins, and trying to imagine what life would’ve been like two thousand years ago. It’s heartbreaking knowing that over the years so much has either been destroyed, or relocated, that the original structures aren’t really visible; still the best representation of the Ancient Roman society.

View to kill for.
View to kill for.

The top of the Altare della Patria

For just seven euros you can take a quick elevator to the top of the monument and look out over the heart of the city. Words cannot describe how awe-inspiring the view is. Definitely a must do when visiting.

Julius Caesar reincarnated as this massive fluff ball.
Julius Caesar reincarnated as this massive fluff ball.
Inside the cat sanctuary.
Inside the cat sanctuary.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary:

I’m going to write a separate post for this magical place soon, but as a tease, this is the area in which Julius Caesar was stabbed; now it houses over 250 cats. When the sign is up, and the gate open, visitors are allowed to climb down into the actual rooms and play with the cats, purchase merchandise or even adopt. They also allow volunteering so I think one of these weekends I’ll go lend a helping hand.

Tiber Island.
Tiber Island.

What I miss:

Skittles. Hot Chocolate. My cats. Cheerios. Blue Bell Ice cream. Apple sauce.

Nothing I can’t live without (except the cats. I need them).

All in all I’m excited for the next three months. In March I’m visiting my lovely best friend, Catherine, in Seville, Spain. Then in April I’ll be spending a week roaming the Scottish Highlands, and a week traveling through the motherland, Ireland. Super pumped for those trips. It’ll be the first time I’m traveling on my own. But, I love Scotland and Ireland so much already that I doubt my anxiety will be an issue.

Catherine wrote a lovely post about visiting me Rome. I’d highly recommend checking it out! Link to her post here.

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