Interlaken: land of chocolate and snow.

If I was told the world was going to end tomorrow- I’d probably spend my last 24 hours in Switzerland.


In fact I’m not really sure if my weekend there wasn’t just some elaborate dream. Maybe I’m actually in a lab somewhere, being tested on by aliens, and in order to keep me comatose they programmed the most beautiful landscape imaginable. That’s how ridiculously perfect Switzerland is. Aliens had to create it.


It all just seemed like a fairytale. Switzerland is this paradise, untouched by the grime and hatred of the world. Blue skies as clear as the water licking upon the lake-shore. All wickedness and disdain vanished with the first peak of the alps; a pure world hidden beneath the snow.

20150306_12471120150306_105701 20150306_115139 20150306_114210Interlaken is a small town, nestled between water and stone. Around every corner another mountain range, and at the two ends- pools of crystalline water. I felt as if I had stepped off the boat to the white shores. Never in my wildest imagination could I have predicted how beautiful Switzerland was- is.

We stayed at the Backpacker’s Villa, one of the nicest hostels I’ve ever been in. Just like everything else in Switzerland it’s absolutely pristine. It could have easily been a hotel. Had amazing shower pressure too- something I miss terribly.  20150306_151424

20150306_150718Nestled in one of the winding lanes is the Funky Chocolate Club- a must stop spot for all. We took a Chocolate making course, and let me tell you, afterwards my blood was 99% chocolate. The two owners are wonderful and so kind. As soon as you enter the small shop you feel right at home. The class itself was surprisingly informative and so much fun. We got to make three chocolate bars, only two out of my three have survived so far. All-in-all The Funky Chocolate Factory is undeniably one of my favourite places in the world.

20150308_100927 20150306_151349

I would gladly trade my first born child for this hot chocolate.
I would gladly trade my first born child for this hot chocolate.

While I spent most of my second day on trains, traveling to Jenins for my hobbit museum tour. (Read all about that here). The ten minute walk early that morning to the train station was unbelievable. Watching the sun creep up and over the snowy mountainside is something I’ll never forget; a state of serenity washed over me like a cool summer rain. Switzerland is magic.

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