The Five Stages of Grief After Studying Abroad.

There’s nothing more sobering than returning to reality after living in a different part of the world. Especially if your reality is anything like the dry, desolate, city of Lubbock, Texas. Listed below are the five stages of grief college students go through after returning from a semester abroad.

1. Sleeping for a week straight to overcome the jet lag.


2. Scrolling through picture albums, whilst simultaneously shoveling ice cream into your face hole.

22 Struggles Of Binge-Watching A Show

3. Throwing yourself into a new project.


4. Trying to find things to talk about that doesn’t involve your time abroad.


5. Pretending like everything is fine, when in reality all you can think about is being abroad.

22 Struggles Of Binge-Watching A Show

Basically since coming back from Rome I’ve become Craig from Parks and Recreation.


Alas, this is the last I have to say about my study abroad experience. It was a fun and unpredictable ride. Next week, I conquer the reality that is weekly blogging. I’ll be posting all sorts of content, from reviews to funny cat stories. I hope you stick around.

See you then!


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