I Love Scotland.

You know what I love most about Scotland? The fact that I can actually see myself living here. I can picture an older version of me strolling along Princess street in Edinburgh, arms full of my purchases from Primark. Or heavily clothed, hiking up and around Glen Nevis. There’s just so much that this country has to offer, and I want it all. Scotland is a mystical wonderland that I can’t help but return to. 20150406_15315220150406_164403

I first visited Scotland right after my high school graduation, with my best friend’s family. We spent a lovely month hiking and sight see-ing through the highlands; even staying in a cottage right across from Castle Tioram. I loved that trip so much. Coming back just made the memories even sweeter.

Apparently I already have my own Boutique here.
Apparently I already have my own Boutique here.

Edinburgh is my home away from home, away from home. The sprawling parks, connected to a massive city center. There’s something for everyone here. I just love Scotland so much.

This scene from Brave accurately portrays my feelings towards this beautiful country…

Instead of rambling for days, here are the top five reason why I love Scotland.

1. The Scenery. There are only a few places on Earth that get my heart beating faster than the highlands.


2. StrongBow cider.It’s delicious and I love it.20150406_174335

3. Castles.There’s basically one around every corner (especially in Aberdeen shire).20150406_152908

There was a pair of bunnies playing on the slope...
There was a pair of bunnies playing on the slope…

4. My best friend is Scottish and I love her, so of course I love Scotland.

Take me back.
Take me back.

5. Sheep and Highland Cattle.Nothing cuter.20150408_10213420150410_092443

Have a place in the world you can’t help but keep going back to? Have some other favorite things about Scotland that I didn’t mention here? Let me know all about them in the comments below 🙂

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2 Comments on “I Love Scotland.

  1. I love this and I love you. The bunnies reminded me, I was just reading about how they just had to do an extensive geological survey because people were worried the rabbit holes were going to undermine and collapse the foundation of the castle (might be the same one, can’t remember). Turns out the bunnies, while numerous and adorable, do not pose an immediate threat to any castles xx

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    • I am both glad and saddened that the bunny tunnels aren’t causing destruction. Because that would’ve been hardcore. 😘😘


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