What I listen to While Writing.

I’m a huge fan of movie, and television scores- partially because I’ve played the clarinet for about 9 years, and partially because they harbor some of the most thought provoking melodies I’ve ever heard. Below are a just a few of the soundtracks I enjoy listening to when I need some background music. (They also tend to be some of my favourite movies/shows to watch).

The Lord of The Rings (any of the three) by: Howard Shore.
Favourite Track: Concerning Hobbits.

Comos: A Spacetime Odyssey by: Alan Silvestri.
Favourite Track: Main Title.

Outlander by: Bear McCreary.
Favourite Track: Dance of the Druids.

Pride and Prejudice (2005 Film) by: Dario Marianelli.
Favourite Track: Your Hands Are Cold.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire by: Patrick Doyle.
Favourite Track: Harry in Winter.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by: Howard Shore.
Favourite Track: Misty Mountains. (I still get goose bumps)

Gladiator by: Hans Zimmer.
Favourite Track: Now We Are Free.

I could keep going for days, but I’ll stop with Gladiator. If you have any recommendations feel free to let me know. I love adding music to my writing playlists!

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