Disney World Snacks and Treats (Ranked and Dragged)

At 26 years of age, a Disney World trip is no longer filled with the promise of magic and child-like happiness it used to because of the abhorrently long lines and depressing, rotting structure of the parts of the park I loved as a kid (the falling apart Winnie the Pooh area, the depressingly empty Tommorowland, and the absolute LACK of respect for Bambi).

Now, all that being said the one good thing about Disney is that they bring the SNACKS. They bring the FOOD. They bring the over-the-top sweets, and for that I can forgive them. I unfortunately didn’t get to try really any of the 50th anniversary treats, but Disney didn’t do a great job of promoting them either.

Below are the rankings for the things I DID consume:

The Good:

  • Mickey Ice Cream Bar
    • Classic, Delicious, yum yum central
  • The Grey Stuff (Magic Kingdom)
    • I’m not too sure what it actually was, but you know what? It made my tummy happy. It was also super cute that it was in an edible Chip cup.
  • Pretzels and cheese (Magic Kingdom)
    • Perfect snack. Would eat everyday. Pretzels are God Tier.
  • Three Course Meal at Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)
    • A solid, but HEAVY(and expensive) meal. Ambiance A+. Loved the Beast’s angy room, and ballroom. I had the salad appetizer, filet mignon entree, and the dessert trio and all I needed afterwards was a nap. Disney, please build a napping area. I’ll pay.
  • Cheshire Cat’s Tail (Magic Kingdom)
    • Solid pastry, with just the right amount of icing on top. It would have been perfection if it had been just a little warmer, but honestly I would have eaten it every day if I could have. Also, cat-themed treats always make me happy so, cat lady bias there.
  • Mamma Melrose’s
    • Look, if Disney got American-ized Italian food wrong it would be a travesty. Mamma’s was good. The only meh thing I had there was the meatball appetizer, but the warm bread, chicken parmesan, and flatbreads were all very yum. Pasta was weirdly grooved but that didn’t stop me from consuming it like a ravaging beast. I would almost put this restaurant under the meh list, but it ALWAYS has reservations open so for that, it gets my blessing. Solid food and away from the crowds.

The Bad:

  • Mini Corn Dogs at Hollywood Studios
    • They were just dry and boring, to the point that not even ketchup could save them
  • Mickey Rice Krispie Treat (Magic Kingdom)
    • This ranking is for my Mother who loves the Mickey Rice Krispie treats as much as I love the Mickey Ice Cream bar (well she loves that too), but she was very underwhelmed by the size and availability of the Mickey shaped Rice Krispie treats at Magic Kingdom so on the naughty list they go.
  • All Mixed Up Slushy (Magic Kingdom)
    • So. Many. Slushies. I didn’t really like any of them, but I appreciated the sprinkles on this one and that’s about it.

The Meh:

  • Blue Milk (Galaxy’s Edge)
    • I’m still not sure what this drink even was, but it was better than the Green version. Still didn’t finish it so, meh it is.
  • Jack Jack’s Num Num Cookie (Hollywood Studios)
    • Good cookie. Solid warmth, but needed NEEDED more gooeyness to be num num worthy. Still worth the like 5 minute wait for it.
  • Popcorn
    • To be fair, I just had the bits my little cousin would share, but the popcorn was lacking in butter and fluffiness. I would rather pop my own at home. The refillable buckets do come in clutch though.
  • Mermaid Slushie (Magic Kingdom)
    • First off, why are all the specialty drinks slushies?? Like I get that it’s hot AF in Florida but man, I drank enough blue raspberry slushies that day to satisfy me for life. The mermaid tail was cute, but turned out to be white chocolate instead of a gummy so I let someone else finish it for me.

What I wanted but missed out on:

  • Mini Corn Dogs at Carey’s on Mainstreet Magic Kingdom
  • Dole Whip (it was just too cold and I was saving room for the hope of some mini corn dogs for dinner)
  • MORE Food options and locations in Galaxy’s Edge. I get that it would take up space but have some carts for snacks eh? Give me a lightsaber themed drink too. I WANT IT.
  • The Cinnamon Bun from Gaston’s Tavern. Bro, that thing was massive. MASSIVE. There was a long line when I had the chance for it, but I noticed as the day went on the line did shorten.
  • Whatever that purple donut was near the Haunted Mansion. I don’t know what it was or where to get it, but I lusted after it.
  • The MASSIVE donut from the coffee shop near ToyStory Land. Again, just give me all the donuts.

Disney was fun. The Star Wars rides were cool, and I felt that childlike excitement for parts of everday but in the end I’m not sure I’m growing into a Disney adult. Next time, I may skip out on this family trip just to save my feet and wallet(especially because I can buy the Mickey ice cream bars at Target now).

What are your favorite snacks at Disney? Wanna fight me for my opinions? Lemme know.

Thanks for Reading!

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