My Favourite Travel Youtube Channels

What’s better than reading about travel? Watching travel videos on YouTube, of course! It’s free, and the quality of these videos is above and beyond anything I find on cable tv. The main reason I’m writing this post is because if you’re like me and love reading about other people’s travels, then watching videos by creative people on YouTube is right up your alley. Whether it be the U.S.A., China, South Africa, Japan, these videos have it all.

Last Minute Trips

Waffsicle is the newest channel on this list and is run by two boys, Julien Solomita and Collin Duddy. Every month they throw a dart at a map and just go. Their first trip they traveled via airplane, and for their second they rented an RV. We as viewers get to experience just about every step of their trip, from the dart throw, to the actual journey to the small town they end up in. These two boys make a great duo as they are both a bit strange and their videos give off a real sense of wanderlust. So far they have two trips up on their channel, but if you want to stay up to date about their next adventure you should follow Waffsicle on twitter.

Tokidoki Traveller

Emma moved to Japan over a year ago, from Australia, to live in a tiny apartment, and to pursue a career in entertainment. While she has since moved out of said tiny apartment, the content of Emma’s vlogs about Japan have only expanded in quality. From travel to cooking videos, Emma’s channel basically has it all. My favourite videos are the cooking and the stream-of-consciousness videos. If you’re a fan of funny, light-hearted content this channel is for you.

Casey Neistat

If you haven’t stumbled across Casey Neistat‘s videos yet you must be living under a rock (or living a life off the internet). Neistat is most widely known for his New York City blizzard videos (2014 snowboarding movie2016 snowboarding movie). I included him on this list because his movies about South Africa are my personal favorites. Watching him sprint up and down mountains like a goat is just as entertaining as his videos in which he loses drones, or dodges in and out of NYC traffic on his boosted board. Neistat’s videos aren’t just pretty, they also make me want to do more, and it isn’t just Casey who I watch these videos for; Candice, owner of Billy! and Casey’s wife, is one of my favourite people on the internet. Her appearances in the vlogs are why I find myself looking for the new upload every morning.

The Food Ranger

The last channel on this list is the one I find myself watching and re-watching the most often. Honestly, I don’t think I’d eat a good amount of the food that Trevor James shows us in his street food deep dives, but his charismatic and tenacious nature keeps me entertained as he bounces from stall to stall. His interactions with locals also give a glimpse into a culture I’m not familiar with and reminds me that the world is more connected than we realize. That we are all similar in our need(and want) to eat. I’m not sure how he manages to eat so much food, but it’s very interesting to see all the different types of cuisine Trevor encounters in China(and various parts of Asia). There is so much variety, and every time I watch these videos I can’t help but crave Chinese food. I’ve never wanted to eat bowls of wontons with chili oil so bad.

Happy Easter everyone! I know my April has been super busy so far, and it’s about to get even crazier as I have a trip to Vancouver, British Colombia coming up very soon. [Meaning you should be on the lookout for some Canada posts in the coming weeks ;)]

Any of you fellow subscribers to any of the channels I mentioned above? Have other youtube travel channels you love? Please share your thoughts/recommendations below!

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