A Weekend In Vancouver, British Colombia

I went to Vancouver, BC because there was a gnawing in the back of my mind, a need to get out of Dallas and forget about work for just a few days. So, I went. The trip started with me worrying about whether or not I’d locked my apartment (I did) and wishing I’d brought my cat with me because a tiny bit of fear was creeping up the side of my neck—the type of fear you feel right before you do something new, something you didn’t put a lot of thought into but figured would be a good idea: like a trip to Vancouver.

View of the mountains right before we landed.
What surprised me the most about Vancouver was how metropolitan it was at the center. Yes, the city is surrounded by sea and mountains, and the air is crisp and clear, but when you’re walking down Howe street you can’t see the mountains. You can’t see the water. The buildings tower over you, encasing you in the doom and gloom of a city like Houston, Texas or New York City, New York. Not a horrible feeling, but I stayed out of downtown as much as I could, lingering around the harbor/waterfront instead. Vancouver didn’t feel like Rome, or Edinburgh, cities built upon myth and legend, with the layers of the past buried beneath the cobble stones. No, Vancouver is a metropolis surrounded by nature.

Harbour Green Park.

Olympic Torch
The 24 miles I walked between Friday and Saturday allowed me to see most of the big sites, such as the Olympic Torch, the Gastown steam clock, the Public Library that’s modeled after the Colosseum, whilst also experiencing one of the most beautiful areas in the world during its best season: Spring. I didn’t talk to many people while I was in Vancouver, just the receptionist at my hotel, a few Asian tourists who assumed I knew my way around, and my hair stylist. Everyone I encountered was nice, helpful. The Canadian accent is like the American accent, but more fun, jovial even. Both the stylist and the receptionist suggested ideas for what I should do in Vancouver: Ride around Stanley Park, Hike through Queen Elizabeth Park, Go Whale Watching. All things I’d also thought of doing, but didn’t.

Vancouver Public Library
The main touristy thing I did whilst I was in Canada was get donuts at Tim Hortons, and though the donuts were fresh, and looked delicious, the dough was too dense, and there were way too many sprinkles on top (this coming from someone who at low points would chug sprinkles to get sugar). On Friday, I walked to Canada Place, aiming to get a bike to ride around Stanley Park, but then I remembered how much I don’t like biking, and decided I didn’t want to spend money on something I didn’t really want to do. On Saturday, I rode the train from Waterfront to King Edward’s Station, and meant to go through Queen Elizabeth Park, but I didn’t turn at the correct light, so I ended up walking around it, through the neighborhoods. Whale Watching, I completely forgot about. Though, to be fair, I did take the ferry from Waterfront to Lonsdale Quay, so I did go on a boat.

Ferry to Lonsdale Quay from Waterfront.

Vancouver Harbor
The main reason why I didn’t do much in Vancouver is because I didn’t want to. Walking was enough for me. I didn’t need to take a scenic seaplane ride. I didn’t need to go skiing on Grouse Mountain. All I wanted to do was walk, so that’s what I did. I also ate a surprising amount of Chinese Food, good Chinese food too, some of the best I’ve ever had. I didn’t think about how big of an Asian population Vancouver would have, until I arrived. It makes sense though, seeing as it is one of the Western most cities in North America.

I got what I needed out of Vancouver, nice walks and lots of sleep. Sometimes trips aren’t all hustle and bustle. There’s no need to force oneself to do exciting things just to prove you’ve done something. A laid back adventure is just as good as an adrenaline-filled one.

I really want to go back to Canada, so if you’ve ever been and have some cool spots you think I should visit, let me know in the comments below!

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7 Comments on “A Weekend In Vancouver, British Colombia

  1. I lived in the Vancouver area for 25 years. Loved it. A great city with so much to do or to just relax. You might want to visit Victoria on Vancouver Island next time. It is quaint and fun. Another great place to walk and chill.

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    • Hello Darlene, thanks for the comment. I saw a bunch of sea planes and ferries promoting Victoria Island but wasn’t sure what it was. Next time ill definitely try to get there, or go up to Grouse Mountain, or to any of the other mountains near by. I wish it hadn’t rained whilst I was there, because it was that day that I’d planned to go hiking, but it all turned out for the best.

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      • You are bound to encounter rain during a visit. Be glad it didn’t rain the entire time you were there! It is what makes it so lush and green though. A ferry to Victoria is a treat not to be missed.


  2. It’s been many years since I was in Vancouver but I remember loving it. I really love Canada in general. I think it’s great that you didn’t force yourself to do touristy activities just because you were there. Sometimes exploring by walking is the best in new cities/towns. Next time, you might want to check out Victoria, a much smaller and charming city.

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    • This was my first time in Canada and I just loved it. I don’t get to see mountains too often where I live and the area around Vancouver is just so beautiful. I’m thinking of planning a trip next year because the flights are so cheap and fast from Dallas. I’ll definitely look into visiting Victoria! Thanks for commenting:)


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