The Best Free Activites In Downtown Dallas

Like most big cities in the United States, there aren’t a lot of free activities to enjoy in Downtown Dallas, Texas. The main amusements, like the Arboretum or Aquarium, include both entrance fees and parking fees. Most of Dallas’ residents spend their nights and weekends venturing out to the hundreds of bars and restaurants that make Dallas what it is. But, for those of us that enjoy not having to spend money in order to have a good time I’ve put together the following list based entirely on my opinion and time spent in Dallas:

1. Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park is the best place to hang out for free in Downtown Dallas. Built over busy highways and surrounded on either side by shining sky scrapers, Klyde Warren Park is an oasis in the midst of the Dallas jungle. The park has numerous free activities and events:

  • Yoga/Zumba on the main lawn on Saturdays and Sundays
  • A small enclosed dog park
  • Movie Nights
  • Free board games, ping pong equipment, and books to borrow
  • Multiple kid spots (including an impressive jungle gym and splash pads)

If you get hungry there is a very cool looking restaurant on the edge of the park, as well as the famous food truck lane that runs every day from 11am to 3pm. My favorite part about the park though are its two luscious free spaces, where you can play dodgeball, enjoy a picnic, or just lay in the grass watching the clouds and planes pass by. At night, the park is also a unique place to walk through, with all the lights from the trees and buildings sparkling above you like lightning bugs.

Klyde Warren Park Sign
Kylde Warren Park at Night

2. Dallas Museum of Art

Just across the street from Klyde Warren Park, hiding behind the row of food trucks, is my favorite place in Dallas: the Art Museum. From Ancient Greek sculptures to Monet paintings this museum has it all, and the best part? It’s FREE. Now, of course there are special exhibits that you have to pay a fee to enter, but about 80% of museum is free to explore. Since January I’ve visited the museum on four separate occasions and still haven’t seen everything. There’s even a courtyard in the center where you can enjoy a packed lunch, or just sit beneath the trees and read.

View of the front of the Dallas Museum of Art.

The Dallas Museum of Art
Sculpture in the main hallway of the DMA

3. The Katy trail

A favorite for most of Dallas’ active citizens, the Katy Trail is a walking/biking trail that runs through the Dallas metropolitan area. It is free to enter, with plenty of entrances, and runs along some of the coolest spots in Dallas. In Uptown, there is the Katy Trail Ice House, known for its barbeque, and dog friendly patio. One of the coolest parts of the trail is the different sights you see along the way. At one end there is nothing but apartment buildings and random rock formations, while at the other its like a forest how dense the trees are. The Katy Trail is also the best place to dog watch, with every dog owner in Dallas strutting their pooch up and down the concrete lanes.

Map of the Katy Trail
Katy Trail Map

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Of course there are way more things to do in Dallas besides the three I listed above, but these are the three places I visit most often. So that has to give them some credibility, right?

Been to Dallas and have some other inexpensive places for me to check out? Let me know about them in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading!

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