Sunset Dinner in Cabo San Lucas

After three straight days of touristy Mexican food, my cousins and I were ready for a change: A diversion from fajitas, tacos, and fish. That change ended up being a sunset dinner at Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort’s Italian food restaurant: Vela.

Now, you may think that an Italian food restaurant in Mexico would be subpar, and boy would you be wrong. Everything at this restaurant blew me away– from the grilled pear and mozzarella salad to the lasagna and then the limoncello tartlet. (I don’t have a picture of the lasagna because I was just that rabid when it came time to eat it)

The mozzarella in the salad melted on my tongue. The raspberry sorbet next to the tartlet added just a perfect amount of sweetness to the lemon curd, coating my mouth in pure happiness. The whole menu was perfection, and I was just sad I wasn’t able to eat all of it.

It was honestly the best meal I had in Cabo– well besides the pan dulce I devoured at breakfast, but if you don’t love pan dulce then I don’t understand you.

To wrap it all together, we were sat right smack in the middle of the resort, which meant we had a front row view of the sun as it dove beneath the waves of the Mexican Coastline, bathing the world in shades of pink and yellow. The lanterns in the middle of the pool glowing by the time we left the table. Glowing like us as we strolled to the other pool to work off the three course meal at the outdoor activities section.

The only disappointing part of Dinner was the fact that they were out of bottled limoncello for me to sip whilst eating the tartlet. I wanted to drown myself in limoncello, bathe my pallet in that lemony goodness–but oh well. Other than that everything was perfect. A perfect last dinner at a perfect beach resort.

This is my last post about my Cabo trip. I hope you enjoyed going on this adventure with me! I wanted to end it on a high note, seeing as I wrote a more dreary piece last week.

I don’t normally do food/restaurant posts but the meal we had here was one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s possible it was because of the company too, but if you’re in Cabo and can make it to the Hilton Resort this place is a must try. It’s not cheap, but well worth it.

Have a favorite Dinner spot for when you travel? Or a favorite food (like eclairs in France or fish and chips in Ireland), let me know all about them in the comments below.

Also, want to let any of my Florida/Puerto Rican/Cuban/etc. readers and friends know that they’re in my thoughts regarding Hurricane Irma. We’ll be here when the storm is over, ready to help.

Thanks for Reading!

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