Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

It’s not Christmas unless there is a Christmas tree in my home. I also happen to be one of those people that can’t wait for Thanksgiving to be over so it’s “acceptable” for my tree to be out. There’s just something about a decorated spruce/fir tree that gets me in the Holiday spirit.

I put a tiny one up in my small apartment, and then drove home to my parent’s house to find theirs decorated with all the nerdy ornaments I’d collected for them over the years. Near the bottom is the large Superman symbol, around the corner are the Beatles and their yellow submarine. Rudolph and Santa riding on sleds near the top. It just makes my heart happy to see Christmas trees, and Christmas lights. Now, don’t get me wrong, some people go way over board but honestly, I don’t have to pay the electricity bill so who cares.

The holidays are also a tough time for me. Christmas means lots of parties and get-togethers and I’m not so great at those. My anxiety goes through the roof this time of year, and it takes me ages to recover after each event. Thankfully, there haven’t been any parties for me to deal with yet, and Christmas is celebrated at my parent’s home so it’s a more comfortable position for me, but I still worry.

While I was in Switzerland and Italy a few weeks ago, I made it my mission to capture as many Christmas trees as possible. Below are all the ones I saw. I hope they bring you and yours a bit of joy in this Holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

Zurich Main Station, Zurich, Switzerland
Monna Lisa Hotel, Florence, Italy
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Abbey Theater Irish Pub, Rome, Italy
St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City
Florence, Italy
Opera House Christmas Market, Zurich, Switzerland
Tall Christmas tree decorated with colorful ornaments, stood in the center of a Christmas market in Zurich.
Opera House Christmas Market, Zurich, Switzerland
Opera House Christmas Market, Zurich, Switzerland
Unlit, massive Christmas tree in the back streets of Zurich.
Grossmunster Christmas Market, Zurich, Switzerland
A small, lit Christmas shrub outside of the one of Zurich, Switzerland’s Christmas markets.
Opera House Christmas Market, Zurich, Switzerland
Lit Christmas tree in front of St.Peter’s in Zurich, Switzerland.
St. Peter’s, Zurich, Switzerland
Bri smiling in front of a small Christmas tree in Zurich, a cup of baileys and hot chocolate held in her hand.
Opera House Christmas Market, Zurich, Switzerland

What are your favorite winter holiday traditions (or for those in the Southern Hemisphere summer holiday)? I’m a big fan of present wrapping while watching Christmas movies–or going to the zoo with friends when it’s nice and chilly outside. Let me know all about yours in the comments below!

Also I want to thank all of you for your support this year. I’ve really enjoyed sharing little bits of my life with you.

Thanks for Reading!

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